ACT students are like ants everywhere.



Empowering learners with skills and ant's spirit for life.

Values - ACTs

Assiduity – Working very hard for and taking great care of anything that is targeted.



Cohesion – Working together as a team and achieving the target at one.



Tenacity – Holding together firmly and having persistence in purpose.



strength – Withstanding the pressure, exploring the potential and taking the actions that you can do well.


Thanking every employee for their dedication to ACT in the past year. Because of them, ACT becomes better and better.

Christmas Activity

Regarding all employees as the family members and caring for each employee.

Employee's Birthday Party

Respecting teachers, valuing teachers' work, and recognizing teachers' contributions.

Annual Teacher's Day Activity  

Increasing the interaction between teacher and student , and the fun of outdoor class.

Weekly Outdoor Teaching

"Taken from society, give back to society", the establishment of "New Hope Foundation" is to help the poor in terms of materials.

Charity Events

Quarterly Team Building

Cultivating ANT's Teamwork Spirit in cohesion of employees. Reducing stress at work and adding interest in life.

Sharing the teaching experience with each other and conducting the teachinng & research seminars with professors in the universities to continuously optimize teaching.

Monthly Teacher Training

Company Activities / 企业活动

ACT Language Center - Enterprises song